250 American Airlines miles for joining e-Rewards

Here’s an easy offer that seems to be working, so get it while you can. E-Rewards is a free survey service that lets you earn online currency that you can redeem for miles and points in several frequent flyer programs. You earn the online currency by completing surveys that they push out to your email address. You can select how many surveys you would like per week, or simply sign up, take the 250 miles and move on. Frequent flyer miles do expire after a while, so if anything, these 250 miles will help you reset the expiration clock on your miles.

To sign up, do the following:

– Go to www.aa.com.

– Click on AAdvantage on the top right corner, and then click “Earn Miles”

– Under the “More Participants” section, click “Specialty”


Click on the e-Rewards icon and join.

If you’re only interested in the 250 miles, I would enter an alternative email address if you’re worried about spam, although they are not notorious for doing that. You can simply unsubscribe after you get your miles.

I actually have 3 separate e-Reward accounts (including this one) and I do complete surveys on a regular basis so I can accumulate e-currency and then transfer it to whatever program I have a need for. The more currency you accumulate, the better redemption value when you transfer it out.

Keep in mind that e-Rewards is by invitation only, and this offer seems to be a public offer on the AA website, so there is no guarantee that you will get the 250 miles, but it takes only a couple of minutes to sign up, so there is very little risk in doing so.

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6 Responses to 250 American Airlines miles for joining e-Rewards

  1. Len Levin says:

    Do you know how long it takes for the e-Rewards miles to appear on the American Airlines freq. flyer account? My wife completed a survey in early October, but nothing showed up in her AA account for that month. Is this a phony offer, or do the miles appear after a longer time? The surveys are really time-consuming for the very tiny credit given. We wanted to keep her AA account alive from the e-Rewards account.
    Many thanks! Len

    • travelguys says:

      Len, as far as I remember it takes a few days, but definitely not more than a month. If they haven’t posted by now I would contact e-Rewards and ask them to issue the miles credit.

      • Len Levin says:

        Thanks for your suggestion, which worked. I had to send AA a copy of the original email offering the miles, which I fortunately had not deleted. They did credit the 250 miles after receiving my response, which extends the account balance another 18 months.

  2. Is this offer “250 Ameican Airlines miles for joining e-Rewards” still going on? Is this still available?

    • Don Smith says:

      I just got this offer from AA for the first time today, and was coming here just to see what string(s) might be attached. So at least as of July 20, it seems to still be available. -Don

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