American Airlines 777-200 MIA-LAX

As part of my recent mileage run to Seattle, my first leg of the trip was from MIA-LAX.  After weeks of looking forward to this trip to see if I would land an upgrade, it worked!

With Platinum your upgrade could clear as early at 72 hours prior to the flight, but as luck would have it, it wasn’t clicking for me.  The upgrade list for the gate is posted 4 hours before the flight and when I first checked I was #3 in line.


As the flight approached, the list went from 6 to 11 people and I went from #3 to #4 with the first person being cleared already.


In the end my upgrade cleared at boarding as the people on spots 2 and 3 were a couple who were not willing to split up.  Go figure!  Would you split up and let your significant other sit up front while you cram into the back?

In either case, this worked out for me as I got the upgrade!


Seat & Buttons

The AA 777-200 international configuration flies the angle flat seats in Business.  Overall the seats are insanely comfortable.  I felt like I was on grandpa’s La-Z-Boy recliner from back in the day.

I was in Business Class, but my “business” was playing with the buttons!


Service & Food

I found it rather cool when the flight attendant stopped by and referred to me by name. Being used to the back of the plane, all I know about is “would you like to purchase …”  Nothing like that here.  Opted for red wine and well they took the time to show me the varieties of red wine they had on board that day.  Dinner, although not amazing by ground standards, I thought was decent, with a pot pie and salad.  It was followed by some stellar ice cream and before landing they found it necessary to bring out hot cookies which they so very kindly followed up with a glass of cold milk!

If you are on a diet or watching what you eat, go to sleep so they skip you with all these wonderful goodies.

Me, I was enjoying the service and seat so much that for once I couldn’t sleep on this flight!





My only complaint on this flight is that there was no WIFI.  I understand it’s mostly because this plane is an international configuration (which by the way was continuing on to Shanghai.), but, it would have been nice to have had WIFI connection on board.

Unique Extra Bonus

This flight was unique in its own way as it was the captain’s last flight after 25+ years of service to AA.  Upon our arrival into LAX we were greeted by a water cannon salute which is a tradition in the industry. The flight was rather unique experience as the pilot announced it, took a few minutes to kindly thank everyone for years of service, and also thanked  his wife which was on the flight as well.  Awesome experience and wonderful to hear a pilot who you can tell loved his job.


I could really get used to this!  After this short 5-hour flight, I was wishing it was one of those long 9-12 transatlantic flights as I didn’t want to give up my seat!

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