Alaska Airlines Visa Annual Companion Pass

Last year I applied for the Alaska Airlines Visa in one of my churns.  Aside from the points and statement credit, one of the nice added features of this card is an annual coach companion fare code.  The cost for the companion is $118 after taxes.



There is one key requirement to using the companion pass which actually could make it tough for some to use based on your location.  The requirement is that the flights MUST be on Alaska Airlines metal (Alaska Airlines planes).

For me being based in Miami and preferring to fly out of Miami International that leaves ZERO possible uses.  Although it’s not a complete loss since Alaska Airlines does have a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle.

Want to know where Alaska flies?  Use the Alaska Airlines Interactive Route Map for help on actual routes that are serviced by them.

Who can use the pass?

Unlike some other companion passes, the Alaska Airlines companion pass can be used for others as long as the “purchaser” is the member that earned the pass (see the full FAQs here). This is rather convenient.  Especially since I am pretty sure I won’t have a use for my pass this year and I can subsequently book a flight for a family member.

Actually I am doing just that!  Since Alaska flies Seattle to Maui I am booking a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Maui through Seattle on Alaska metal and save my cousin a few bucks on his tickets!  Regular roundtrip prices for the exact dates we are looking at are around $1300-1500 per person.  Using the pass he will be flying 2 for $1900.

I know there are cheaper times to fly to Hawaii, but he is really set on the holidays and as such willing to pay a little bit more for specific dates.  With this pass his family is able to save at least $700!

This is a great way to not let the pass go to waste while at the same time helping a family member or friend save some cash!

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